The specific side of rowing is not to wear loose clothing that can get caught in the wings or in which you can get caught in the oars.

Clothing with zippers or buttons on the front should be avoided so as not to injure your hands.

In fact, it is best to row with the clothes you feel good in while avoiding clothes with pockets, as the rower can get their hands caught while they are rowing.

How to dress in hot and sunny weather? Hot weather, thin clothes or without?

First of all, beware of sunburn on the neck, arms and thighs! Never forget that the sun’s reflections on the water are intense, do not hesitate to put on high protection sunscreen.

A cap is often essential associated with a pair of glasses, it is even better because the retina suffers greatly from the sun’s rays.

In summer, when it’s hot and sunny, I dress lightly with shorts and a T-shirt. A tight-fitting or cycling shorts outfit (in the running or cycling department – for those with sensitive buttocks) is very suitable.

The ideal outfit is the special rowing suit sold by your club.

How to dress in cold weather? Thick layers of clothing or specific clothing?

As with all sports, it is not necessary to cover up a lot during exercise and the basic principle to stay cool is to wear 2 thin layers.

For the legs, long tights (such as leggings or shorts in the running or cycling department – always for those with sensitive buttocks) are sufficient.

For the upper body, there are long-sleeved t-shirts with a fleece interior (running radius) that used alone or with a sweatshirt do the job very well.

For very cold days, instead choose sweatpants or close-fitting joggers and a sweatshirt, a hat may be necessary when warming up.

As for the protection of the hands, the only really practical and effective is the special rowing mittens. It can be found on the “CREWLINE” website but it is also perfectly possible to make it in an old fleece at a lower cost.

For people who absolutely want technical clothing, CREWLINE offers very effective ones.

What shoes for rowing?

I put my new shoes in the closet.

When it comes to shoes, rowers can wear socks, not barefoot.

Another principle: you must always have change outside the boat. Falling into the water does not only happen to others and if it is of no consequence in summer, it is more problematic in winter. Rest assured the club has a reserve of clean clothes (forgotten by the rowers of previous years) as well as towels.

Finally, do not hesitate to seek advice from the instructors. They are good advice.